We welcome ALL people interested in Schutzhund to visit our club!


                Interested in Membership?


1.  Membership in CSC depends on several factors, including the number of current members and the number/level of dogs currently being worked.  While there is no hard limit on the number of dogs or members, CSC is very careful to maintain the membership at a level which will provide the best training situation for its members and their dogs.


2.  CSC encourages people interested in the sport or our club to visit us and other clubs. This helps determine if the sport is right for you and your dog, as well as  if you are comfortable with our club and members.


3.  Interested individuals need to attend at least 4 CSC training sessions, to allow them to evaluate our club and for our club members to get to know you.  CSC will typically try and provide you with a free evaluation of your dog relative to our sport during one of those sessions.


4.  Once an individual determines that they are interested in joining, they will need to contact one of the club officers to find out more about the membership process.


5.  Assuming CSC is open to new members at that point, the club will take a vote and make a decision about letting someone join as a provisional member.


6.  Provisional membership allows full access to all club training and events, Provisional membership does NOT hold voting privileges. 


7.  Typically, the provisional period is 6 months, during which the provisional member's interest in, and attendance at training is considered by the club. Dues for provisional membership are a flat fee of $60.


8.  Following at least 6 months of provisional membership, if the provisional member wants to become a full member, they again need to notify a club officer.  The club will then vote to either make full member, to extend the provisional period, or terminate the  provisional membership.


9.  Being a provisional member does not guarantee you will become a full member.  Both the club and the provisional member can decide at any point during the provisional membership that it is just not a good fit or that no membership openings are available.

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